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new member

[Topics under debate]: GOOD GOVERNANCE
___Help make this manifesto better, or accept it, and propagate it!___
Hello folks. I am a new member for about 35 hours after 
having some harrowing experience with the subscription 
process. Thanks Rajagopalan for your intervention. Is 
there any way to make joining the group a little more 
user friendly? May be, we have to start removing such 
typical Indian obstacles right from here.

I did not have a chance to read the whole archive during 
this time.  I intend to do that shortly and would be 
happy to help in any volunteering activity, here in the 
Eastern United States, particularly New York Tristate 
area. You guys have started to start a movement which is 
just wonderful and so desperately necessary. A hearty 

Couple of points regarding system reform:

I believe Jack Welch, the legendary CEO of GE, has once 
said that we will have to cure minor evils first before 
we undertake any major issues. As you must have noticed 
in your daily travels, small little conveniences that 
people in the West have taken for granted long time ago 
become major roadblocks in our efforts to do anything 
and struggles for living sap all our energies. I firmly 
believe that the primary role of any forward looking 
party today should be just making the life of the people 
a little easier, a little more order, a little more 
accountability, before we begin efforts of any major 
philosophical and/or value system change, discuss 
nuclear options and similar great endeavors. I have 
noticed that such simple concepts become major elitist 
discussions among the intelligencia,both here and in 
Calcutta where I come from, and great economic words 
like infrastructure enhancement, allocation of 
priorities and resources are casually thrown and nothing 
gets done. I suppose that because of some such 
improvements in the lives of people, that took place 
during emergency, many think of those days as better 
than today and explain why some senior citizens lament 
the loss of British administration.  Is it the ex Chief 
Justice Hedayetulla who once felt that people would be  
willing to sacrifice some basic freedom in order gain 
some order,predictability and security in their lives. I 
do not believe that these initiatives require massive 
infusion of world bank money, major structural changes 
and some other nonsense. It needs a fair and stern 
governance of our current available resources,common 
sense, a well developed sense of priority and above all 
a patriotic leadership. Through a couple of events that 
we experienced in our recent trip to India, the 
impression is irresistibly gained on me that people are 
ready, eagerly waiting for somebody,something whatever 
who is a great manager, will keep on making small but 
perceptible dents in this mindless inefficiency. 
Improving the fate of citizenry will be his only concern 
where flipping the switch will start the fan, opening 
the tap will brings clear drinkable water, natural gas 
cylinders would be available every month. Government 
will remain responsible to people.and more importantly 
will make these dents stick through dispassionate use of 
enforcement mechanism. People would accept discipline if 
they are convinced it is distributed fairly and 
equitably. A couple of such small battles won across the 
landscape will unleash the floodgate of goodwill,those 
single steps will start a journey of thousand miles, 
those rising tides will lift all boats. If people begin 
to believe that something is really stirring, however 
faint it might sound now, if they can be persuaded that 
we mean business and these changes are here to stay the 
stampede will begin and the collective will of our 
people will drive away all debris.  This has happened in 
the past, dedicated, idealistic patriots came in numbers 
and people lined up behind them but nothing sustainable 
took place because they either had no managerial skills 
or depended upon guys who are thugs or deadwoods. A 
classic example perhapsin recent times of these great 
sacrifices, patriotism going nowhere  is the 
administration of Seikh Mujubar Rahman in Bangladesh.   
I would like to see the initiatives moving toward these 
directions and carried forward by dedicated country 
lovers who are also equally good managers. Balanced 
individuals who watch the stars with feet planted in the 

You guys are doing a phenomenal job in making this all 
happen. I am so proud and would like to be a part of it.
I may have elaborated the obvious in the preceding lines 
but this is a debate and anybody can say anything. Has 
there been any discussion on the role of organized labor 
in this environment?			

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