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Re: Dalits and Christian dalits

[Topics under debate]: GOOD GOVERNANCE
___Help make this manifesto better, or accept it, and propagate it!___
>Discrimination between dalits and Christian dalits is a case of
>government interfering with religious freedom. I suggest that a
>mention is made in the IPI manifesto to extend all concessions
>presently provided to dalits to the Christian dalits also.

Government in India interferes in religion in more than one way, and if we
considering any proposals to change that, we should take that up more
comprehensively than this. My preference is that all caste-based and
religion based quotas be replaced with economically-based ones. True,
there are many non-Hindu dalits, but there are also many poor upper
castes, at least a few rich dalits, and so on. The whole quota system
stinks. It leaves a few people disgruntled, and others with the perennial
taint of having "made it" spuriously. 

>Non-dalits may note that such a move will not in any way result
>in a further reductions of their opportunities in education and

This is completely besides the point, and in fact betrays the real
problem. What are you trying to do - assuage non-dalit fears of further
reduction in opportunity? How about assuaging the same fears among dalits,
then? Won't the addition of non-Hindu dalits reduce their opportunities? 

Selling divisive stuff is a dangerous game, one can't assuage all opinions
if the premise is that one must belong to predetermined and UNALTERABLE
groups. Economic mobility is a much better basis. 


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