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Re: electronic booby trap - red alert!

[Topics under debate]: GOOD GOVERNANCE
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>     US and Russia have been engaged for years in implanting
> micro-beacons in electronic chips being exported to India.  These chips 
> will be used in the future to locate and bomb strategic targets in the 
> future.

I am skeptical about "micro-beacons" implanted in weapons exported to
India by US and Russia. I donot know of any evidence tha such devices
were used in the gulf war to aid targetting etc. Offcourse if a nation
sells us their weapons then they clearly know its characteristics and
strenghts and vulnerabilties.

> More than Russia, the US is a greater threat since Russian exports to
India are limited and their technology....

This statement is incorrect in both its assertions. Infact most Indian
weapon systems are of Russian (soviet) origin. Those that aren't are of
european origin. We do use some equipment of US make but they are things
like IR scopes, electronic intelligence equipment and so on. I am not
aware of any major weapon system of US make currently in use by the Indian
Military. As far as russian technology is concerned, in some important
areas they define the state-of-the-art. In particular, they lead in
advanced radar technology which is absolutely crucial in modern
war-making (though in other areas they lag behind the west).

> Probably an excellent topic for IPI, now and in the future, is how
> the Indian Government has done everything to restrict the growth of 
> domestic semiconductor industry through its oppressive practices.   

I agree that this is a significant issue but that the debate should
consider the broader question of the role of government in
funding/promoting industrial reserach and development(including reserach
with potential military applications). Currently the government does it
all from procuring and allocating funds to running reserach labs and
organizations. The private sector has made little investment in R&D. 
This also brings up the question of IPR.


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