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letter from Umesh

[Topics under debate]: GOOD GOVERNANCE
___Help make this manifesto better, or accept it, and propagate it!___
This was sent by Umesh to many. Great job!

From: "Tiwari, Umesh K" <UKTiwari@pcgb.com>
To: many
Subject: It's a Challenge....! Calling The Teachers & Students Of India 

Dear Teachers & Students of our beloved Nation India, 

This letter is sent to you by a group of concerned Citizens represented
globally by a non-political Organization called India Policy Institute. On
the eve or forthcoming mid-term elections, we wish to reach out to the
educationists as well as students of India and present them our
work-in-progress document, and appeal to them to take charge and make an
effort to help change our democracy, in this election and every election
that follows in the years to come. 

You are kindly requested to read the following letter and the enclosed
proposal for The People's Manifesto. You are also encouraged to visit our
homepage, that is http://www.indiapolicy.org

Thank You.


Umesh K. Tiwari
For, India Policy Institute.
----------------------------------------------------Text Of The Cover Letter

Dear Sir/Madam, 

We, the group of people represented by the India Policy Institute, are a
community of fairly educated and yet people of extremely diverse
backgrounds, located in various parts of the world. We are the concerned
Indian citizens, represented by former Indian Bureaucrats, College
Professors, Journalists, Professionals, Students and adults of every age
group. It is a common concern of us all to see better representation of our
people, the citizens, in our national and local governments. We all want to
see a less corrupt, more committed leadership take charge of our democracy
and lead our beloved nation to regain its prominent place in the community
of great nations, where human rights are protected, and every citizen has
the right and opportunity to live a dignified life.

You, the teachers of India, have helped create some of the best communities
of scientists, engineers, and professionals of all kind, who are revered
across the globe! We thank you for this gift to our nation, and challenge
you to do the same for our system of governance by helping create a great
community of political leaders among masses, and spreading political
awareness among your students and local people.

We, at IPI (the India Policy Institute), have been working hard to create
what we would like to call a people's manifesto, a well thought out, and
thoroughly analyzed policy document, a statement that represents our wish
list of what a model Indian Government should do. This is by no means
complete, and would never be complete until a fair number of Indian Citizens
participate in the discussion. Moreover, this good work is going to be of
any use only when presented to the masses, and through them, forced upon our
political leadership to implement the programs asked, this time, by the
people and not by the politicians!

Mid-term elections are only a few months away. We wish to take this
opportunity to reach out to you, and with your help, spread the political
awareness among your students and community at large. Please remember, our
democracy is going to be only as successful as aware and responsible it's
citizenry is. Therefore, let us lead our community towards making a better
democracy. Let us start with an exercise aimed at helping people make better
decisions in the upcoming elections.

We appeal to you to come forward, use our enclosed draft manifesto as the
basis to begin with, launch discussions among your peers, students, give
away copies of this document to local communities, and help spread political
awareness, because, good political leadership will help us all. In a
democracy, we the citizens, get to create our political leadership. We owe a
better country for our children. 

Thank You.

For, India Policy Institute

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