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Re: Population growth: cause of effect of poverty?

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Richard Parr wrote:

> I would be interested to find out how population growth is viewed
amongst > members of this group.  > > Many people view population growth
as an underlying, root cause of > deprivation. Others see it as an effect
- i.e, people only want large > familys because of high death rates, and
as a source of 'insurance' for old > age in the absence of a pension

The last time we discussed this issue in this group, I got the impression
that it is viewed as [cyclically] both cause & effect. 

People have many kids because of high infant and child death rates and the
resulting increased requirement for resources reinforces poverty that
keeps child mortality high. 

This is an oversimplification- other factors such as ignorance and
unavailability of birth control, desire for male children, and so on also
play a part. 


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