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Indian power systems as an obstacle to development

[Topics under debate]: GOOD GOVERNANCE
___Help make this manifesto better, or accept it, and propagate it!___
Plase forgive me if anything I say has been discussed previously,or if my 
comments are inappropriate,as I am new to the debate.

It seems to me that, although India is a democracy, the centeral obstacle
to her eradicating poverty is the fact that the political power systems -
on national and regional levels - are not truly representaitve of the
voters. For all the rhetoric and waffle about poverty reduction, some
300,000,000 Indians are living in absolute poverty. Contrast this with
China (for all her lack of a fair, democratic system of government), which
has succeeded, in 50 years, in wiping out the most severe manifestations
of deprivation. 

I would argue that the only way forward for India is to elect a government
with the interest of the masses at heart. China succeeded not through
socialist economic planning, but because it was governed *for* the people,
by a leadership that truly wanted a rise in the standard of living of the

There is no point in having a democracy if the people who are elected do not 
represent adequately the electorate. I believe that India cannot hope to 
develop properly until power really is shifted to the people.

I would be most interested to recieve any comments on this brief outline of 
my beliefs.


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