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Let's us go a step further this time round ...!

[Topics under debate]: GOOD GOVERNANCE
___Help make this manifesto better, or accept it, and propagate it!___
We all would like to talk endlessly about what is wrong with our
and who is corrupt and how every political organization is bad...etc. We

also more or less accept the fact that part of the blame for our current

state of political instability goes to us, the ordinary citizens, esp.
so called educated ("Intellectual") ones.

Thanks to the "leaders" like the Puruchi Thalaivi, we have another round

of elections thrust upon us. Let us do something different this time
round. I ask of you, the very few of the citizens like myself who get to

read this posting. I ask of you to do little bit more then just voting
you have the privilege to vote), and that are the following :

1. Don't vote for anyone you don't approve of morally, personally or for

any other reason. If you find none acceptable to you, then vote nobody
say so either on the ballot paper, or write to the election commission
that none of the candidates in your constituency actually represent you!

2. Talk to at least 10 fellow electorates, make them aware of the
consequences of voting, and the responsibility of a citizen in making a
democracy succeed.
3. Contribute at least $2 or 50 rupees in supporting the campaign of a
good candidate that you are able to identify. Either directly campaign
such good people, or simply mail them your contribution.
4. Write letters to the print and electronic media and let your voice be

5. Write letters to the Prime Minister, the President and the Chief
Election Commissioner suggesting them ways that you believe election
machinery should function.

Once you have done at least a few of these things no matter who you are,

or where you live in the world, you will find yourself in a position of
moral authority to talk about what is wrong with Indian politics.
Thank You.
Umesh Tiwari

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