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Re: Re - IPI proposal

[Topics under debate]: GOOD GOVERNANCE
___Help make this manifesto better, or accept it, and propagate it!___
I volunteer to send mailers in India, printed, enveloped, stamped,
all, upto say a few hundreds in a month. From Jaipur.

-guru chopra (jaipur)

> Hi Manish,
> Thank you for your support. Please let me know if you can compile the
> list
> of e-mail and mailing addresses of :
> 1. Political Organizations of India
> 2. Major Educational Institutes/Universities/Colleges
> 3. Policy Research Organizations (Either Government Supported or NGOs)
> 4. Citizes's Forum(s).
> I also am looking for people who could go through the draft Manifesto
> once
> again with a view to presenting the same to the people/leaders of India.
> Once again, thank you for giving a serious thought to my proposal. Now
> that
> elections are at least a few months away, I am hopeful of sending at
> least a
> handful of copies to some people/groups of people in India. Even if that
> doesn't change much, we would at least have done something to spread
> political awareness in India before the next elections!
> If it turns out that we have to mail the manifesto with our cover letter
> to
> several 10s of addresses in India by post, then we would like to
> consider :
> 1. Seeking more volunteers to finance the postal charges
>   (like people willing to sponsor at least a few mailings)
> 2. Explore the possibility of IPI Hyderabad People helping out
> in-country
> mailings rather
>    then us sending international mails, in order to minimize the cost.
> 3. Ask the people traveling India within the next two months to
> volunteer to
> carry copies of
>    the document and appeal and personally deliver the same to the
> addresses
> they can reach.
> Trust me, we are going to deliver on what we set out to do. Just keep
> doing
> what you can. I know some people would have us believe that we are going
> to
> fail in what we are doing, but I believe otherwise. Moreover, failure is
> not
> my concern, doing my duty certainly is.
> Thank You.
> Umesh Tiwari

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