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re: Social contract

[Topics under debate]: GOOD GOVERNANCE
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"Basically what this would mean is that a community (say a village)
collectively agrees to defined commitments in return for facilities that
the government would invest in for collective gain."

Dear Bhuwan: Idea sounds good. Can you pl. operationalize it a little
more? That could be a good model for local self-governance. Just keep in
mind, you are trying to handle the very complex problem of collective
action, which has been studied in thousands of articles and books, and
no clear solutions have emerged. People are almost always going to work
in their self-interest, and they would usually sabotage collective
action or try to 'free ride.' Leadership can help overcome some of these
things. As also a greater 'culture' of social capital building -
something that India sorely lacks. 

But pl. pursue this idea further. 

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