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Re: [Response to draft education policy]

[Topics under debate]: GOOD GOVERNANCE
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> The draft education policy is highly objectionable.
> It does not start with a necessary observation of the state of
> affairs. In particular the extent of involvment f the criminal
> elemnts in education, so called private education has been ignored.
> The looting by private/foreign universities has been ignored.The
> role of the Stae to ensure education has been denied by stating that
> the education must be private. As an activist in the educational
> front I have intimate knowledge of the scandals inprivate
> educational institutions. I hope those who have framed the draft
> policy not be blind to the realities.
> Jitendra Shah

It would be interesting to hear a more detailed explanation from Mr Shah.
Maybe some examples to substantiate his stance and a few recommendations.
Especially since he has experience as an activist in the educational front. 


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