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Re: cloning (Professor Prabhu Guptara msg)

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Dear Prof Saab,
New to this discussion and have not yet found the time to explore the
whole concept of this debate properly. But since my mail box receive
your email couldn't resist the temptation to reply. Please excuse me if
this argument has already been discussed.

In my opinion "human life" of a fertilized embryo (and my I stress the
word human) is not dependent on whether it is alive at conception (of
course it is!). The cell is alive but does it have human life? The
function of the cells at the stage of conception is simply division.
Would you call this human life? Differentiation of the cells comes later
and still later the process of individual cells 'learning' their
assigned functions. In my opinion when this stage begin you can see the
beginning of "human" life. The cells now are no longer simply alive they
have human life in them.


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