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Re: cloning

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     Dear Charu
Your question, what is so special about fertilization that
causes a cell to be designated "a human"?

This is like asking, what is so special about the process of
adding acid to alkali?

What is special is that as long as the egg and sperm remain
separate they do not produce life.  When they are put
together they do produce life which can of course be halted
at any time due to unfavourable circumstances.

The  argument you had provided earlier (that is, "Given the
advances in in-vitro fertilization, a separate sperm and egg
provide comparable potential for the creation of a human as does
a zygote. Why then would the zygote be considered to be "a human"
but the separate sperm and egg be considered not human even
though it has comparable potential to become a human?") is

It is invalid for the simple reason that an unfertilised egg (or
zygote) has NO potential to provide life.  It does not matter
whether the fertilisation takes place in vitro or in utero (that
is, in a test-tube or in a womb).  Fertilisation is

"Likewise, on the matter of death" you say, " I don't have an
answer but I believe we should be open to studying the
question rather than accepting
an oracular religious pronouncement on the matter."

     I entirely agree that we should be entirely open minded.  And I am
     unaware of any "oracular pronouncements" by religous individuals or

     bodies on the subject.

     You seem to have a fixed idea in your mind that
     people are closed minded, oracular, etc.

     I was only trying to point out that EVERYONE (religious or
     NON-religious) has a BELIEF about when life begins.

     Since it is a matter of belief, there is nothing observational,
     scientific, etc that can possibly be involved in it.

     You may BELIEVE that human life begins and at 24 weeks or 18 weeks
     whatever after conception.

     I believe that human life begins AT conception.

     As far as I can see you have advanced NOT A SINGLE ARGUMENT to
     persuade me or anyone else that life does not begin at conception
     at some other stage.

     You are trying to hide behind generalisations about religious
     blindness and are only exhibiting pseudo-scientific blindness
     any shred of evidence or argument to support any position at all on

     the subject.

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