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Time to speak up now IPI....!!!

[Topics under debate]: GOOD GOVERNANCE
___Help make this manifesto better, or accept it, and propagate it!___
Hello IPI, 

I know the good people involved in this community of IPI all intend to
contribute towards making our land a great democracy! Sanjeev's this
initiative, and the focused yet completely open debate of yours is an
inspiration. In my rather wide circle of people where I am known to talk
politics (not considered a fashionable thing though), you have given me an
example to show others that I am not alone who believes that we should
involve ourselves in political awareness efforts, and that we, the
ordinary citizens are responsible for the success or failure of our

I know your focus is to arrive at an ideal (or close to that) manifesto by
the year 2000, and present the same to the People and political
organizations of India. It is a great effort, and perhaps unique of its
kind, and we must do everything to make it a grand success.

However, I write this note with an appeal to the IPI and everybody
involved in it to take charge and cease the opportunity that has presented
itself in the form of the upcoming mid-term elections! 

You all know that elections are coming, the very last of this century, and
if it happens to be decisive one, it may very well give us a stable
government for India (the best scenario). This also means, we will have
either made biggest impact on electorates right now or perhaps after five
years from now. The later is not too bad a proposition, given the
alternative being nothing done at all, but I would like to believe that
together we can at least make a serious attempt to publish the latest
version of our manifesto, get it approved by all within the next couple of
weeks and then approach all political parties with our suggestions, and
then go to the print and electronic media and ask them to tell the people
in general what we ask of a future government.

I am not in a position to regularly participate in the debates, but I hope
that won't be a reason for not considering this suggestion.

Thank You.

Umesh Tiwari

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