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Pokhran II, Agni-II and Kosovo

[Topics under debate]: GOOD GOVERNANCE
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Those of our friends who have been wondering about the efficacy of India
exercising the nuclear "option", or the implementation of the Integrated
Missile Development Programme (IMDP) should learn from the U.S.-led
agression on Serbia. This is what happens to a sovereign nation when it
does not have adequate means to defend itself against a country which has
arrogated to itself the role of periodic Globocop. 

Does anyone seriously believe that the U.S of A. would contemplate doing
anything remotely similar to China in order to save the Tibetans who have
been the victims of genocide and Chinese oppression for decades ? Of
course not. Why ? Because China has the means to retaliate and Serbia does

The Vajpayee government realizes this simple nostrum of international
relations (for which it might have been pulled down): a nation's interests
are respected when it is feared, and peace is maintained through strength
and not weakness. If the draft statement does not yet call for a robust
defence, it most certainly should. 

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