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[Topics under debate]: GOOD GOVERNANCE
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---Srinath S <srinaths@usa.net> wrote:
> Russia
> had a free market without any outside influence, it
would surely be
> better
> than the socialist/planned economy. Now when it

up as a weak
> system to
> the outside world, it stands to lose control of its
own affairs for a
> better
> hdr "index" in exchange.

It doesn't lose. In the short run, say, 2-3 years,
until things settle down, there will be readjustment
of wealth distribution. Jobs will be lost but more
jobs will be created. However, there can be no
guarantee that the same people who lost the jobs
will gain new employment. That is the reason any 
country wants to maintain status quo. It requires
courage to open up the economy. Most political parties
are interested in the events that affect the short run,
not the long run.

> See, when policies conflict with free trade, the
WTO in effect, wants a
> coherence in these policies so that free trade is
facilitated. Hence,
> this
> makes WTO as some sort of a "central" planner-- how
do we know that some
> of
> the policies advocated by WTO or IMF are not in the
nature of planned
> economy
> or centralist systems? By free trade we are
fighting against centralist

There is no planning. It is more to regulate the
move towards free trade. Member countries should
fight against any policy based on vested interests.
WTO does not plan. It is an organization to promote
free trade.
IMF gives loans during BOP crises based on certain
conditions. If any country doesn't want to adhere
to these conditions, they do not have to take the
loan. IMF wants to get the money back and their 
suggesions are usually to help the country. In some
cases, they may be wrong but that is more due to
their reading the economy in a wrong way.

> planning of the economy, but then unknowingly
moving towards a large
> globally
> centralist economy! If that isn't a paradox, what
It isn't!

> PS: I saw the undp pages; but how exactly do they
come up with these
> development indices? Whatever be the process; I am 
Literacy Rate, per capita income, Life expectancy,
enrollment in schools. Surely, these are valid.

> Which is
> worse-- 20 people dying by rioting and killing one
another, or by
> hunger? I
> cannot decide!

the correct question would be 20 people dying by
rioting or 100 people dying by rioting and 100
others living a life starving every 2 days. 20 people
dying by rioting seems preferable.

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