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[Topics under debate]: GOOD GOVERNANCE
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Inspection of papers and supply of copies thereof 

22. Any person can, on payment of a fee of rupee one, inspect the
account lodged with the district Election Officer (or Returning Officer,
as the case may be) by any candidate. According to rule 88 of Conduct of
Election, Rules, 1961, the Commission has fixed the fee of one rupee per
folio or part of a folio chargeable for the supply of attested copies of
the account of election expenses or of any part thereof.

Maybe the electon Commission shd simply publish all these. Maybe all
here can scrutinize these for Re.1 each. Arindam: here is your source of
authority as a citizen to investigate these expenses.

"absolute meaninglessness of the existing law on election expenditure"
as per Election Commission:


* rules reg election expenses


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