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Re: World's Policeman to the rescue....

[Topics under debate]: Free Citizen, Long Term Vision, Preamble
___Help make this manifesto better, or accept it, and propagate it!___
Now we are getting some very thought provoking arguments.  My message is
embedded below.

Sanjeev Sabhlok wrote:

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> [Topics under debate]: Free Citizen, Long Term Vision, Preamble
> ___Help make this manifesto better, or accept it, and propagate it!___
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> Dear Vamsi,
> forget India for a moment. what is the correct position in such cases of
> genocidal dictators? there is much more 'power' in the 'correct path'
> than in the military. Hitler had massive military power. A person
> arguing like you would say about Hitler in 1939:

   First, I can't remove India from the topic - we are on IPI, I believe.
Kosovo is NOT my topic here.  India is central to our discussions.  Why and
how people think is the concern here.  Right and wrong is a relative paradigm
of one's set of common sense.  That is, right and wrong is NOT absolute - it
is relative and the frame of reference is our common sense.  I assert that our
common sense has been deliberately polluted by our own complacency - we don't
even know what we want.  We wanted to be herded by others!!

[I am going to change sides]

    Are you saying that Indian People value freedom?  What nonsense?  Suppose,
we begin to bomb India today and we label the bombs after the oppressive
institutions of the country such as DoT, VSNL, GIC, LIC, the Transportation
Boards, State Electricity Boards, etc. and we drop the bombs.  We can "ride
through the town with our heads held high" just as the people in those
organizations.  Surely, if the people of India would allow such institutions
to undermine their basic rights and priviliges such as the right to compete in
the Free Market, they can certainly put up with our Bombs.  It is what the
people are willing to put up with or even want - we are not the opressors like
Hitler.  A logical note: Hitler never cared about the what people want or are
willing to put up with.  I believe we do.  You want it, we deliver it right to
your door step!!  Please tell me how in the hell are we different than the
Indian Government and its restrictive policies?  We love the democratic people
of India!!

> So what are you saying? That US is great today merely because of
> military power, and that we should 'bow' to it merely on this ground?
> Would you have us bow to a Hitler, Vamsi? Surely there is a difference.
> Pl. pause for a second here.

    No, we don't want you to bow to Hitler.  We want you to worship us for our
"correct" and "saintly" position.  We have no intention of oppressing the
Indian People.  We will treat you no differently than your own Government.  To
answer your question we are great not because of our bombs, etc. but because
of our empathetic and intelligent ability to treat People of India as they
want to be treated.  We are for the people of India!!  You should never bow to
our Bombs....Please, we bring them to you because you can't tell the
difference.  Can a single individual from India intelligently argue the
difference between DoT and one our Bombs labeled "DoT' that will be dropped on
the people?  If you can't then I will be the first one to admit "Scotty, there
is some intelligent life that likes to think here".

> I urge you to consider the possibility that US commands respect across
> the world for taking the 'correct' position more often than not. Human
> life is respected, the will of the people speaks, the rights of the
> people are valued above everything else.  In the US today, there are
> millions who oppose US intervention in Kosovo because Americans might
> die. Yet, despite this natural and selfish opposition of millions in US,
> the actions of the majority in US (including spending money) have come
> as a blessing to thousands who were being butchered in Yugoslavia.

    Well, we can do the same for the Indian People.  We are the saviors.  In
fact, the only thing that the Indian People have to do is just wait for us to
save them.  As long as you are willing to put up with your own Government, you
will have no problem with us!!  We are much nicer as you have mentioned above
- thank you very much for seeing the light.

> If we had the power to prevent genocide in Germany in WW II, we should
> have done so. That would have been the right position. We did in fact
> help the Allies. There is something known as the 'right thing.' The
> entire IPI effort is designed to find out the 'right thing' for India.
> Let us not throw away our reason, nor undermine the huge money being
> spent and lives being risked by US to save Albanians from massacre.

    No....no....what is this thinking about preventing genocide.  I see a
little bit of individualism here that is threatening to our security.  Today,
you think like this and tomorrow you will say the Economy should be
unshackled.  NO...NO!!  Please stop spreading this immediately!!  Why do
Indians need to worry about doing the right thing - we are here, remember?

    Now, let us get back to our senses.  You see Department of Telecom. (DoT)
and see how it is providing telephone lines to almost everyone and at such a
low price?  We are just like them....we will bring to you the basic needs.
Please don't stress yourself too much and just stay put and everything will

> Dropping bombs on Bihar would never be allowed by the people of USA or
> the rest of the world since that would not be the right thing.

    God bless the people of India....help is on the way.  We will look after

Vamsi M.

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