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Re: World's Policeman to the rescue....

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Dear Vamsi,

forget India for a moment. what is the correct position in such cases of
genocidal dictators? there is much more 'power' in the 'correct path'
than in the military. Hitler had massive military power. A person
arguing like you would say about Hitler in 1939: 

>     There you go again.  You seem to think there is a choice for
> "Poland/ Austria/ France, ..." and you try to reason with a
>  Military power.

So what are you saying? That US is great today merely because of
military power, and that we should 'bow' to it merely on this ground?
Would you have us bow to a Hitler, Vamsi? Surely there is a difference.
Pl. pause for a second here.

I urge you to consider the possibility that US commands respect across
the world for taking the 'correct' position more often than not. Human
life is respected, the will of the people speaks, the rights of the
people are valued above everything else.  In the US today, there are
millions who oppose US intervention in Kosovo because Americans might
die. Yet, despite this natural and selfish opposition of millions in US,
the actions of the majority in US (including spending money) have come
as a blessing to thousands who were being butchered in Yugoslavia.

If we had the power to prevent genocide in Germany in WW II, we should
have done so. That would have been the right position. We did in fact
help the Allies. There is something known as the 'right thing.' The
entire IPI effort is designed to find out the 'right thing' for India.
Let us not throw away our reason, nor undermine the huge money being
spent and lives being risked by US to save Albanians from massacre.

Dropping bombs on Bihar would never be allowed by the people of USA or
the rest of the world since that would not be the right thing.

On Mon, 29 Mar 1999 vamsi@siliconcorp.com wrote:

>     There you go again.  You seem to think there is a choice for
> India and you try to reason with a Military power.

> Lesson #1: liberty has to be earned.
> Lesson #2: a nation has to guard its freedom with a power Military.

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