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RE: Right to choose

[Topics under debate]: Free Citizen, Long Term Vision, Preamble
___Help make this manifesto better, or accept it, and propagate it!___
It is amazing how heavily the ghost of colonialism sits on our shoulders

even after 55 years and two generations!!

Multinational companies can surely not to be expected to come and take
of our social and economic problems when we ourselves seem totally
of solving these.

A Multinational company comes to OUR country brings THEIR capital, THEIR

knowledge and technology, THEIR expertise gained at great expense by
generate jobs in OUR country,provide INDIAN consumers with better
at better prices, transfer knowledge and expertise to INDIAN managers
vendors at THEIR costs while at the same time being subject to OUR laws
however silly and outdated, live under the constant RISK of nutcase
ministers who think they are like Maharajas and can at their whim and
pass decrees completely reversing their policy as and when they feel and
still keep shouting that these companies are imposing colonial control
us!!! Amazing huh?

When these companies set up in the UK or France or Germany the local
government welcomes it with open heart. China aggressively pursues
investors, Malaysia gives major tax breaks to foreign investors. All
countries are of course unconcerned about their sovereignty and are
unaware of how dangerous multinationals can be !!

The attitude we have about multinationals clearly displays our deep
fear that we are not clever enough to handle the " white man" even in
own homeland under our own rules. Further it betrays a fundamental
of organisations that are driven by profit motive, this can be seen in
treatment of even our own industry, multinationals are merely more easy

In a rapidly golbalising environment we have got to start realising that
can either be inside or we can be outside we cannot be in between.

It is time we stopped expecting everyone to be nice to us at their own
or be excluded from entering INDIA. Multinationals come with a clear
objective of making profits based on their knowledge and technology,
that is
why they exist.To expect them to be philanthropic is stupid. Yet we must

recognise that they bring enormous value and resources with them and
that We
as a Nation could prosper more than them if we learn to deal with them
constructively for mutual benifit.We must learn to protect our interests
equal partners and not become stupid enough to be fooled by them or
enough to keep them away because we are scared stiff.

Its time to lay the Ghost to rest.


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