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Re: admn. reform

[Topics under debate]: Free Citizen, Long Term Vision, Preamble
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On Mon, 29 Mar 1999, Charu datt wrote:

> I would suggest that IAS officers, who represent the interest of the
> imperial/central government, are trained to perpetuate imperial/central power
> rather than the empowerment of local populations. It is equally easy to dress
> these motives in "socialist" garb as it is to dress them in the form of
> "competitiveness" or "efficiency".

u'r assessment of motives is completely off-mark. 
> My personal preference is that administrators be hired or appointed by local
> bodies and be made answerable to local representatives rather than to imperial
> Delhi.

'imperial' - not acceptable analysis.

IAS are not mere 'administrators' - they actually draft policy.

[ps - i'm done for the day; i'll watch from sidelines]

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