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Re: cloning

[Topics under debate]: Free Citizen, Long Term Vision, Preamble
___Help make this manifesto better, or accept it, and propagate it!___
I agree. Why must one ban work at the research level itself? The 
religious lobby tries to impose its dictat by instilling a false sense 
of guilt about any biological research. Such attempts should be 
resisted. Let all research go on unimpeded. What is ethical and moral 
can be debated and decided later.

>> was thinking of this issue. we need to include a
>section on 'minor
>> policy issues' in the manifesto. the following can
>be included in thatsection:
>> "Cloning. No cloning of the human being will be
>permitted in India."
>discouraged in india. Indian Council of Medical
>Research has already blindly brought in this rule
>because someone told them it is unethical. Please
>don't bring in fuzzy words like ethics.
>Did you know that one Dr.Basu (i forget his full name)
>who would have been known as the pioneer of
>in vitrio fertilization was hounded by the indian
>government for carrying out his research. Finally,
>the patient he carried out his research on, delivered
>india's first test tube baby just 4 months after the
>world's first baby. This man was threatened,
>transferred to deserts and harassed inmany ways.
>His widow now runs a research organization in his
>name and is struggling to make ends meet. All thanks
>to stupid rules which ban things NOT harmful to the
>society. If something is dangerous, you should stop
>it. Not harmless research because the Bible tells you
>that only God can create an image of himself (Yes, that
>is the reason it is considered unethical)
>> also, issues which are not resolved satisfactorily
>can be included in a
>> section called "issues not yet resolved." vamsi told
>> me that debates are slow now; yazad? arvind,  pl
>True. I think we should restart active debates. This
>month, we are busy with writing documents for BDP.
>Maybe those documents can be posted here for debates
>(apart from debating the manifesto itself)
>since most ideas are taken from IP.

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