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democratic separation

[Topics under debate]: Free Citizen, Long Term Vision, Preamble
___Help make this manifesto better, or accept it, and propagate it!___
It is not too long before the version 1999.2 of the manifesto is
released. this ver. will be widely circulated across India in printed

pl. make sure that u agree with the manifesto (1999.1) as far as
possible, since names of the debators (many of you) will figure in that

i wanted to mention that i am back on the debate list, tho' i need to go
slow; numbness has gone, but pain is there.

the following para may pl. be approved (I am dropping the earlier
proposal on national secession temporarily since it is too big a jump to
democracy and it has confounded most of you; one more generation must

this is the alternative para:

"Today, we as a nation officially permit only violent methods to people
who wish to form separate states, districts, or cities. Specific
mechanisms for people to separate and form these new structures within
India will be formulated which involve the use of very clear guidelines
and involve a very specific referndum of all concerned persons. This
power to adjuducate on separation will not vest with elected
representatives but will be exercised by the people themselves,
directly, as co-owners of the country."

pl. modify this if u please, but i insist that we must speak out clearly
in favor of democratic methods, and that such 'safety valves' must be
clearly designed in a successful democracy. this will help get rid of
60% of our political violence.

a yes/ no is not acceptable. u have to propose an alternative to this

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