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Re: democratic solution needed.

Postings not related to the writing of the Manifesto or policy chapters
are likely to be summarily rejected. Thanks for your understanding. IPI
You hit the bull's eye by raising questions on
Democracy is not that easy in a complex and pluralistic social
existing in India today.  Your attempts to find solutions are great
though somewhat unpalatable to many. The bitterness of neem tree is a
cure for some illness of our Indian people. So we have to really see
the bitter pill works! Cures and heals our wounds!!

Our debate contributes to brainstorming and out of these discussions I
confident some insights will emerge. We should keep communicating our
though we may differ with each other. I enjoy and learn from your
I stand corrected if I am wrong. Nevertheless my reflections below may
be of
interest to you.

In order to arrive at some solutions, we need to be realistic. It is the

self-interest of the British rulers and their guns, which carved
geographically the present India - and Barath Matha was born! India is a

sub-continent with pluralistic cultures, languages, customs, and
traditions. The aspirations of the disadvantaged people like the tribal
communities, indigenous peoples, dalits have been recognized now.

 The demand for Separate Dravida Nadu in the South was transformed as
for State autonomy. As a result of demand for separate States, the
for State autonomy came a reality and the inter-state councils were set
now, almost for every region.  Like the erstwhile USSR, we are a federal

state and federal government. In order to resolve some of the conflicts
are facing, we need to discover a new humanity within ourselves and in
others, so that all the aspirations of people for realizing their
rights, and right to development can be given an opportunity. Then the
possibility of a real development for the neglected and oppressed groups
come, instead of a negative denial.

We must also be aware of the Indian intelligence (RAW) and Police
manipulations. Often Politicians in power promoted sectarian groups to
their political rivals. Historically if you study last twenty years the
problems were promoted by politicians for their political survival using

Govt. machinery like police, military, etc. It is said that one dominant

party when threatened by their defeat and rise of oppositions, the
party at the Centre promoted dissidents to weaken their opposition.
 Even today the large amount of money spent on full-page advertisements
Govt. achievements, and political rallies and tamashas are organized to
hoodwink people.

In the above context our cry for democracy seem to be a mockery against
political manipulations, and how we citizens are manipulated and
by patriotism, nationalism, etc. We are living in Plato's cave in the
age of
globalization. Rationalistic humanism may contribute to bring a new
humanity. It is also possible to make spiritual movements to care for
humanity and to contribute to its evolution towards a sane society.

Right now as the summer heat started with 36.2 centigrade and humidity
at Chennai, as ordinary citizens we are facing low voltage electricity
fluctuations, breakdowns of electricity supply, mosquito menace
greatly and life is becoming increasingly unbearable and miserable. Same

time great Political Tamashas consuming great deal of electricity and
fare are going on. I cry for my country…Whither India?

At 03:11 PM 3/20/99 -0800, you wrote:
>Postings not related to the writing of the Manifesto or policy chapters

>are likely to be summarily rejected. Thanks for your understanding. IPI

>Would any of the very strongly nationalistic and 'proper' members on
>this list tell me how we can democratically decide upon the fate of
>Bodoland (for example) whose proponents merely want to remain within
>India. Honestly, I don't care either way, whether there is a state or
>not for them. I believe that from 1988 till today, the unthinking
>response to the Bodo problem has cost India, the Bodos and others,
>enormously. No one has gained. Only stubborn people who refuse to
>democracy clearly have 'gained,' since they were not involved in the
>lives of those 'tribals' anyway.
>Ladies and Gentlemen, it is time to think very deeply and not merely
>'condemn' the violent responses of those who have no Constitutionally
>recognized democratic option defined for them. What alternative methods

>have we proposed for those of us who want to create a separate state?
>Also, for those who merely think of the NE as a place to provide
>resources to 'us' and to buffer 'us' from China, pl. read sometimes
>about the life of people there. Illustrative info furnished below.
>Without a mechanism to have democratic and Constitutionally motivated
>referenda, we are in for an eternity of violence in India.
>BTW, my batchmate has been Home Commissioner of Assam for many years
>now; he and others would be glad to receive sensible suggestions, I am
>sure, from the learned Professors on this list. I can assure you that
>'proscribing' various groups is NOT going to get us anywhere. Think
>creatively. Think democratically. What is democracy, Prof. Roy? Define
>it. Operationalize it. thanks!
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