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democratic solution needed.

Postings not related to the writing of the Manifesto or policy chapters
are likely to be summarily rejected. Thanks for your understanding. IPI
Would any of the very strongly nationalistic and 'proper' members on
this list tell me how we can democratically decide upon the fate of
Bodoland (for example) whose proponents merely want to remain within
India. Honestly, I don't care either way, whether there is a state or
not for them. I believe that from 1988 till today, the unthinking
response to the Bodo problem has cost India, the Bodos and others,
enormously. No one has gained. Only stubborn people who refuse to define
democracy clearly have 'gained,' since they were not involved in the
lives of those 'tribals' anyway.

Ladies and Gentlemen, it is time to think very deeply and not merely
'condemn' the violent responses of those who have no Constitutionally
recognized democratic option defined for them. What alternative methods
have we proposed for those of us who want to create a separate state?  

Also, for those who merely think of the NE as a place to provide
resources to 'us' and to buffer 'us' from China, pl. read sometimes
about the life of people there. Illustrative info furnished below.
Without a mechanism to have democratic and Constitutionally motivated
referenda, we are in for an eternity of violence in India.

BTW, my batchmate has been Home Commissioner of Assam for many years
now; he and others would be glad to receive sensible suggestions, I am
sure, from the learned Professors on this list. I can assure you that
'proscribing' various groups is NOT going to get us anywhere. Think
creatively. Think democratically. What is democracy, Prof. Roy? Define
it. Operationalize it. thanks!

   GUWAHATI:  With the sensational revelations  about  a  close  nexus
   between the proscribed National Democratic Front of Bodoland (NDFB)
   and senior cabinet ministers, prominent citizens and businessmen of
   Guwahati  city,  from  a  diary  recovered  from  the  slain action
   commander of the outfit B.Nathu, who  was  shot  dead  by  Guwahati
   police  on  March  11, the police are perplexed over how to proceed
   with the investigations.
   The cabinet ministers include State  Education  Minister  Thaneswar
   Boro  and  Social  Welfare  Minister  Rekha Rani Das Boro, who were
   served demand notices by the NDFB twice, and the Minister of  State
   for Welfare of Plain Tribes and Backward Classes Rajendra Musahary,
   whom the victims were asked to contact.
   Police  sources  said that the NDFB, during its recent drive in the
   city,  had  served  about  30  notices  to  some  leading  business
   establishments,   including  Bharali  Brothers,  Khubchand  Stores,
   Goenka Readymades, Mohini Stores etc and individuals, including the
   proprietor of Nandan Hotel, Mr Arun Sharma.
   The target fixed by the outfit was Rs.60 million and  they  had  so
   far collected Rs.300,000 from the victims, police said, adding that
   Mr  Devraj  Ojha,  the  husband of former Guwahati city mayor Queen
   Ojha had paid Rs.1,24,000 to the outfit.
   The extortion letters typed in English, were signed  by  the  slain
   militant.  However, the name of Rajendra Musahary, whom the victims
   were  asked to contact in connection with the payments, was written
   in hand on the extortion note.  The police are likely  to  pick  up
   some people, whose name figure in the diary, for interrogation.
   On the other hand, the police are perplexed over the  violation  of
   the  existing rules and regulations by the Reliance Company Limited
   over the issue of mobile phone connection.  Two SIM cards of mobile
   phone were recovered from the possession of the dead militant.
   ITANAGAR:   Inhabitants  of  Chambang  village  in  Lower Subansiri
   district in Arunachal Pradesh have been living in fear for a  month
   after  three fishermen discovered a 18 inch cylindrical object with
   a copper tip in the Kurung river on February 11.
   The object, made of steel bearing the number 10170006 created panic
   among  the  villagers, who feared that it might be a bomb and could
   burst and dared not take it to the district headquarters of Ziro as
   the  village  is  two  days'  walking  distance  from  the  nearest
   motorable road.
   The object was also shown to Indian Air Force helicopter pilots who
   make sorties in the area to airdrop rations, but they too could not
   identify it.  The All Chambang Area Students'  Welfare  Association
   has  urged  the state and central government to send experts to the
   area to either defuse it or take it away from the village.
   GUWAHATI:  Assam Human Rights Commission (AHRC) registered a  human
   rights  violation  case  on  the  basis of a complaint of Mr Lachit
   Bordoloi, secretary, Manab Adhikar Sangram Samity (MASS),  a  human
   rights organization.   The MASS alleged that Dhirawati Choudhury, a
   MASS activist became a victim of police excess at Bongaigaon.   She
   was  beaten  up  and  her clothes were torn in public place and was
   sent to jail, an AHRC release  said.    The  AHRC  has  called  for
   reports  from  the deputy commissioner and superintendent of police
   Bongaigaon within 15 days.
   JORHAT:   Assam  police  constable  T.S.Das  was   suspended   with
   immediate  effect  in  response  to  a public complaint that he had
   beaten up a rickshaw-puller in an inebriated condition  in  Tarajan
   area of Jorhat.  He also openly demanded money from scooterists and
   motorcyclists   while  checking  the  documents  related  to  their
   two-wheelers.   Some  alert  citizens  telephoned  to  the   police
   headquarters  when  the  constable was beating the rickshaw-puller.
   Police made an  on-the-spot  inquiry,  and  on  the  basis  of  the
   findings the constable was suspended.

   GUWAHATI:   Lok  Sabha  member  Abdul Hamid alleged that daily wage
   labourers, rickshaw-pullers and cart-pullers  belonging  to  Muslim
   community were being harassed by the police in Guwahati city on the
   plea that they were foreign nationals.
   In  a  letter  to  the  Assam Chief Minister, Mr Hamid said most of
   these people were from his constituency Dhubri.  He said the people
   were affected by the flood and came to the city in search of  their
   livelihood, and urged the chief minister to take necessary steps to
   stop harassing these poor innocent people.

Compiled from newspaper and agency reports for private circulation only.
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