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Re: a lesson in civilized behaviour

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Sanjeev Sabhlok wrote:

> those of us who do not know how to 'split'
political boundaries (i.e.,
> most of us) without use of the gun need to learn
how to do so. forget
> the q. of seccession from the nation, forget the
state. consider a city.

Sorry to disappoint you but this is an administrative
split, not a political one. We do it all the time in
India. It goes by the name of 'Creation of a new
District' or 'Bifurcation of a District'. That there
have been no protests shows that the people don't
mind it. Rarely, we also have the 'Creation of a new
District' as a point in the manifesto of some party.

> the following object lesson is from Los angeles vs.
San Fernando valley.

The truth is that a city doesn't maintain an army, a
country maintains an army. Guns are involved when
countries split (even if there is no bloodshed, guns
are involved. e.g: Russia and Ukraine had a row over
the Black Sea Fleet)

> Read this, and pl. consider a democratic method to
allow people to
> separate political boundaries without using guns at
each other. this is
> a request for our joint exercise of rationality and
civilized behavior.

Sure. I am not against your idea. Just that I don't
want to define people using 5% and 2/3. I don't like
mixing the phrase 'individual rights' with 'people'.
Individual means ONE person. So see if we can form one
person countries. If you find it impractical, I agree
that it is impractical.


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