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Re: cloning

Postings not related to the writing of the Manifesto or policy chapters
are likely to be summarily rejected. Thanks for your understanding. IPI
> was thinking of this issue. we need to include a
section on 'minor
> policy issues' in the manifesto. the following can
be included in thatsection:
> "Cloning. No cloning of the human being will be
permitted in India."

discouraged in india. Indian Council of Medical
Research has already blindly brought in this rule
because someone told them it is unethical. Please
don't bring in fuzzy words like ethics.
Did you know that one Dr.Basu (i forget his full name)
who would have been known as the pioneer of
in vitrio fertilization was hounded by the indian
government for carrying out his research. Finally,
the patient he carried out his research on, delivered
india's first test tube baby just 4 months after the
world's first baby. This man was threatened,
transferred to deserts and harassed inmany ways.
His widow now runs a research organization in his
name and is struggling to make ends meet. All thanks
to stupid rules which ban things NOT harmful to the
society. If something is dangerous, you should stop
it. Not harmless research because the Bible tells you
that only God can create an image of himself (Yes, that
is the reason it is considered unethical)

> also, issues which are not resolved satisfactorily
can be included in a
> section called "issues not yet resolved." vamsi told
> me that debates are slow now; yazad? arvind,  pl

True. I think we should restart active debates. This
month, we are busy with writing documents for BDP.
Maybe those documents can be posted here for debates
(apart from debating the manifesto itself)
since most ideas are taken from IP.


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