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Re : Some Suggestions

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Dear Chirag,

Re :

Think of it this way : when we pay taxes to
the government we are actually stockholders investing in our future
because my
taxes get used to create infrastructure.


 OTOH, we are consumers and the government is offering us services. If
the government isn't offering the services we want, we should have the
right to look elsewhere. The govt. then has to reduce taxes and reduce
the number of bad services it offers.
Unfortunately, we are consumers of a monopoly once we elect the
government. (
I am sure there are some Microsoft shareholders who aren't
very happy with Windows :) ) I understand your need for lesser
government. In
fact my ideal is that of Thoreau, the guy who didn't want to pay any
taxes at
all since he said he was not taking anything at all from the government.

However our society today is far too complex to allow for that.

By "look elsewhere" do you mean just leaving the country so the
will reduce taxes to call us back ? Once we give our vote, we are at the
of "our public servants". Unless we allow simultaneous government by two

goverments, we will be at the mercy of this monopoly. Worst of all is
bureaucracy which cannot be changed even by elections ! Unfortunately
the kind
of services offered by a government cannot always all be privatised.
for all or healthcare for the poor will never be achieved by pure


>As I said, it is the senior-most people in government who should feel
>pinch worst and then people will think ten times before hankering after

>whether or not they are capable of doing the job.

Another way: Shift economic power away from the "senior-most people in


That is an ideal but I do not think it can be implemented totally. Even
most laissez-faire economy will require some minimum economic policy
and the goverment and public infrastructure will always have to run on
Besides, I do not intend this to be just for senior people. It is just
they should feel the impact more. Even a municipal ward officer must
to earn his salary.

Again, this is not an issue of just economic policy. Talking of just
policy is distracting from the more important issue of accountability
through remuneration for every level of government. But we do need
indicators of "quality of service" for all levels of government.

Pankaj Mhatre

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