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Re: Re : Some Suggestions

Postings not related to the writing of the Manifesto or policy chapters
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Sorry, just an off the cuff response....

>Are you implying that economic policy as set by the goverment does not
>impact the economy ?

Not by a long shot. On the other hand, I am saying that bad policy has
been adversely affecting us for too long. I realise that you're saying
the same thing too, but I think what you advocate will only make us more

vulnerable to bad policy. The best policies would be those that
liberalise, deregulate, privatise, etc... reduce government
interference.... reduce uncertainty.

Wouldn't tying the pay of public servants to bundles like GNP or numbers

like inflation and PCI, which merely reflect the state of the REAL
economy, increase interference....?

>The issue here is not of converting to a command economy. That idea has

>almost thoroughly discredited by years of socialism around the world.
>issue is accountability. Think of it this way : when we pay taxes to
>government we are actually stockholders investing in our future because

>taxes get used to create infrastructure.


 OTOH, we are consumers and the government is offering us services. If
the government isn't offering the services we want, we should have the
right to look elsewhere. The govt. then has to reduce taxes and reduce
the number of bad services it offers.

If our ( the stockholders in
>nation ) money is being squandered on populistic give-aways like free
>electricity, I want to hold "management" ( the government ) responsible

>for it
>and to pay for it. If the budget deficit keeps going up due to these
>it is not in the long term interests of my "company" ( the nation or
>state! ). Do we realise that we are facing the price for all these
>populism in our low stock price
>( the value of the rupee !) ?
>Why shouldn't we demand and get value for our money ? At the end of our

>we will have invested probably lakhs in the various organisations that
>us at various levels, beginning from municipal corporations.
>A lot of our money is being frittered away and we still get slapped
>and more price increases at no corresponding improvements in service.

Reinforces my point.

>If the garbage doesn't get cleared regularly or if I don't get water
>why shouldn't it result in a pay cut for all the people involved ?

Merely a pay cut wouldn't do... I think private competition would root
out incompetency to a higher level...

>As I said, it is the senior-most people in government who should feel
>pinch worst and then people will think ten times before hankering after

>whether or not they are capable of doing the job.

Another way: Shift economic power away from the "senior-most people in

TYBA (Econ, Socio)
St. Xavier's College, Mumbai.
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