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A confessional reply by a politician to suggestions:

Postings not related to the writing of the Manifesto or policy chapters
are likely to be summarily rejected. Thanks for your understanding. IPI
Dear Pankaj!

<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<1. Pay and perks
of legislators should be fixed as a multiple of the national
per capita income.That way they will have an incentive to
raise the percapita income.>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

In order for me to do a good job for myself:

I must make sure that people get as little as
possible and I must generate as many bribes
and black money as possible so that I can
fight elections to buy booze for my goondas
to capture booths!

<<<<<2. Abolish the post of governor and sell off the
Raj Bhavans as heritage hotels. Besides the immediate
savings, it also promises income in the future.>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

I do not care for what you think about governors. They
become a pain in the ass sometimes when they do not
want to play along with my money making schemes.

However, I do not mind if I make some of those places
into Hotels, I see some green there!!

<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<3. Why have two houses of
Parliament. Is the upper house providing any service
at all, let alone any service of value. Savings in the
cost of maintaining this useless house and its useless
politicians will be considerable.>>>>>>>>>>>>

I agree with this, because I cannot capture booths to
make members in the Rajya Sabha. For now, I somehow
manage by making some of the goons who helped me
capture booths to become Rajya Sabha members. Dont,
mind me, you may call me a 'remote-controlling' bastard!

<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<4. State governments seem to have hit
upon the idea of creating new districts to generate
employment. Imagine the savings if states were to merge
districts and cut down on the total.>>>>>>>>>>>>

Good idea buddy, shows me more ways of getting

<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<( I think this applies to creation of
new states too ! -Pankaj )>>>>>>>>

Why not! More bribes the merrier!!

<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<5. There should definitely
be a legal cap on the number of legislators who can
be made ministers or be given other sinecures at the
cost of the taxpayer. Say 20 per cent of the strength
of the party in power.>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

It is not that I want to make more ministers. I have to
sometimes oblige some extra goons for their booth
capturing skills!

I do not care for tax payers. I rather worry about guys
who do not pay taxes, so that I can help myself of a
piece of the pie myself!!

<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<6. Make the budget presentation a
once in two years affair. That way, industry will be able
to plan ahead, and escape the uncertainty that each
budget generates. There will be administrative cost
savings too.>>>>>>>>>>

No, no, no. I should poke my nose more times to organise
my financial budgets for my gain. You rascals try to take
away my power!!

Finally, if you do not understand me, sit back and
think again. As long as I have many goons to take
care of my remote controlling, booth capturing,

I remain,

Yours happily,

In booth capturing,

A politician!

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