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Re: Secession

Postings not related to the writing of the Manifesto or policy chapters
are likely to be summarily rejected. Thanks for your understanding. IPI
A> How do you decide which geographic areas have the
> right and which do not? i.e., states have the right
> but people of half a state do not?
> How do you decide what percentage of people are
> required. If 2/3 of a state vote for secessionism
> and 1/3 against and if the 1/3 population is
> concentrated in a particular part of the state and
> now ask the new nation for a referendum in their part
> to rejoin the old country, should that be allowed?
> If you allow it and did not allow portions of a state
> in the first place, you have contradicted yourself.
> If you do not allow it, by your logic, you support
> oppression. [Note: By 'your' I do not mean Srinath.
> I am using it generally to describe those who wrongly
> assume that allowing secession is same as liberty]

I guess by not citing what I agreed in Bhuwan's mail, my mail itself
became contradictory to whatever I had meant! I was very surprised to
read Arvind's mail, because essentially what I was arguing in my mail
was almost exactly what Arvind said in his mail. My main idea was to
cite Bhuwan's notion that we ought to concentrate on economic
development and strengthening the system, before thinking about issues
like secession. My later mail must have clarified my opinion on this
issue better?


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