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the Second British Raj....

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    Recently Mr. Jagmohan of DoT has said that TRAI was unfair to the
Department of Telecom. and even suggested that it would not encourage
the expansion of Telecom services to the underprivileged.

I have a question: What kind of hypocritical nonsense is this?  Since
when is the DoT concerned about the welfare of the underprivileged?  I
recall correctly, the DoT officials under the guidance of Sukh Ram have
robbed the country.  The DoT has consistently failed to meet its
requirements in expanding the Telecom infrastructure.  This is clearly a
rogue organization that has no right to speak about India's poor.  It is
time to give the Market Forces a chances to do its work.

    If India is able to leverage the Market Forces and encourage rapid
expansion of Telecom Infrastructure by reducing license fees, etc.
everyone would stand to gain in the long term.  Let us come to terms
with reality, Mr. Jagmohan.  I would like to see the power of this rogue
organization called DoT to be checked before it becomes the Second
British Raj.  I trust the Market Forces to check the abusive power of
rogue organizations like DoT than any other mechanism!!

    Freedom and prosperity to all.

Vamsi M.

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