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right to choose

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> http://www.indiapolicy.org/lists/india_policy/1999/Mar/msg00109.html
> "Comparison with Canada Quebec case is, I would say quite misplaced. you
> cannot compare French speaking Canadianimplications of an argument with
> the poor illiterate, dispossessed, wood gatherer on the hilltop of a
> remote village in Churachandpur dist in Manipur- who has no access to
> live shows and panelists explaining with colourful histograms the
> intricacies involved in making of a viable nation."

is my or your right to choose a function of our education level? if so,
the entire world shd simply surrender our choices to the US where 25% of
population is college educated.

u'r implication: democracy is for the rich and well-educated... without
histograms nothing can be explained.

You and I have ONLY one right: to choose for ourselves. Let each citizen
be allowed to choose for themselves. Please have mercy on our poor
Manipuri peasants and come out with more democratic and non-Army based
solutions - IF you are more educated (wiser?) than them. Handling
dissent peacfully is a critical commodity that we need in order to grow
together and prosper. Supply it if u can. Using terror against dissent
is NOT the sign of education. I assure you that if as Indians we offer
civilized behavior and democratic options, we will not only NOT lose
anyone, we will attract back those whom we have lost.

Democracy and choice attracts. Army rule repels. makes sense?

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