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RE: Secession & System

Postings not related to the writing of the Manifesto or policy chapters
are likely to be summarily rejected. Thanks for your understanding. IPI
I have never said that I support secession. My point is only that just
we express our concern about crime, but that does not imply support for
criminal behaviour, similarly, my interest in this topic is to try and
how we might avoid secessionist tendencies.

Ironical it may seem, but from the system point of view, I think there
certain advantages of keeping option of secession. Not to let it happen,

but precisely to prevent the factors that contribute to separatist
sentiments to grow from being promoted.

I would have prefered to discuss this point without giving concrete
examples,  because examples on such a sensitive issue mostly generates
emtional responses.  Nevertheless. Let me try the following hypothesis.
secession option may have dissuadeded those who wanted to promote Hindi
try and impose it on others. That was the time when Tamil Nadu had

Today, such an option, not just separation from the original nation but
also separation within states and districts, could help promote
devolution of authority to local levels of government and thereby bring
power closer to the people. For instance, if a part of a state wants to
break away, then the people in the rest of that state may strongly
But in order to dissuade those who want to break away, they would have
be granted substantial autonomy. And with that degree autonomy, the
culmination of which is free market that offers maximum autonomy to even

the smallest entity, the individual, to local governance, that provides
maximum political autonomy, it is likely that no part would actually
to break away. Because then they may lose the advantage of staying under

one big, but nominal umbrella. And in the event some parts do actually
break away, it is likely that sooner than later, the breakaway portion
would want to come in again.

Europe is a very good example of this today. Particularly so because for

centuries they had fought against each other, till quite recently, in
hope of imposing one political dominence over the rest. Today, this is
happening voluntarily and peacefully. (For the moment I am not going in
some of the negative factors in the making of EU that might create

More perhaps later.


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