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Reply to Mr. Mitra, Mr. Sabhlok, Prof. Singh

Postings not related to the writing of the Manifesto or policy chapters
are likely to be summarily rejected. Thanks for your understanding. IPI
My email has been down, and I have been tied up.   But a reply is =
necessary on some basics:

1.  I estimate there are about 100,000 trained, armed guerrillas/  =
militants/terrorists in all secessionist movements combined in India =
(i.e. J&K, Khalistan, North East).   I might be wrong by 100%, but that
still makes them a near-zero fraction of the citizenry of our country.
 The onus is not on me to show this is a non-issue, but on Mr. Sabhlok =

or Prof.. Singh to show that it is.  =20

I continue to maintain: 99%+ of Indians have zero interest in seceding.

2.  The Khalistan movement has near zero support among the Sikhs of =
Punjab today.  Punjab is peaceful and prosperous again, and the Akali =
Dal and Punjab Congress Party are quite adequately conducting whatever =

political business they wish to.    In the 1980s however, it was widely
known that North American expatriate Sikhs had contributed to and/or =
sympathised with the Khalistan movement.    This was for the most part =

highly irresponsible behaviour.    The despicable role of Congress Party
politicians in creating the problem in the first place since the late =
1970s has been well-documented.  =20

3.  My personal contribution to this discussion is recorded in my =
commissioning chapters 2 & 3 in Foundations of India's Political =
Economy, specifically in regard to the Punjab and North East problems.
(I bore great costs in my personal life as a result which I cannot go =
into here.)  In regard to Kashmir, the introduction to Foundations of =
Pakistan's Political Economy contains my contribution, where =
game-theory, philosophy and Ayesha Jalal's biography of M. A. Jinnah, =
combined to define the "paradox of Kashmir".    My co-editor James got =

the book in hand to Nawaz Sharif's key advisers, and Nawaz Sharif =
started to quote from the introduction before he came into office the =
second time (about the drain of resources caused by the Indo/Pak =

4.  If Mr. Sabhlok, Prof. Singh or Mr. Mitra would like to engage me in
debate on the issue of secessionism from the Republic of India or the =
relationship between India and Pakistan or the issue of Indian =
federalism and decentralization, I really must insist they read and =
assimilate these or similar works beforehand, so we have some serious =
basis from which to proceed.

5.  I think what is happening as a result of this whimsical move of Mr.
Sabhlok and Prof. Singh in the sunny Southland of California is that the
process of deepening democracy and promoting rational debate among =
India's citizens being attempted by Vamsi and mysef and others via the =

Electronic Townhall has gotten derailed.   It needs perhaps to be =
clearly grasped that the problems of India's people must be defined and
resolved by themselves, and not anyone else.    The Electronic Townhall
may be a major step towards that. =20


Subroto Roy

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