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---Srinath Srinivasa <srinaths@usa.net> wrote:
> I agree completely with Bhuwan's points on this
issue of secession. With
> a weak system, it is more often the case that
ideologies are manipulated
> and broken than being followed. I would suggest
that we concentrate on
> making the Indian system so strong and so
lucrative, that others would
> like to integrate with it, and not seceede from it.

http://www.undp.org/hdro/98hdi.htm suggests that in
terms of quality of life, Canada ranks #1. Yet,
Quebec's secessionist movement failed only by a wafer
thin margin. Can you explain this?
My point is that we should use better logic than
"USA allows it". USA allows it because 13 independent
states joined together and they wanted to have the
choice to secede while forming the nation. In India,
states were carved out of an existing country.
So, please tell me who has the right to carve.
When asked to present arguments based on logic, please
do not hide behind the argument that those who oppose
secessionism do it due to their emotions. I need
better logic than that. Base it on logic and I shall
accept your arguments. Specifically, please answer
the following questions.
How do you decide which geographic areas have the
right and which do not? i.e., states have the right
but people of half a state do not?
How do you decide what percentage of people are
required. If 2/3 of a state vote for secessionism
and 1/3 against and if the 1/3 population is
concentrated in a particular part of the state and
now ask the new nation for a referendum in their part
to rejoin the old country, should that be allowed?
If you allow it and did not allow portions of a state
in the first place, you have contradicted yourself.
If you do not allow it, by your logic, you support
oppression. [Note: By 'your' I do not mean Srinath.
I am using it generally to describe those who wrongly
assume that allowing secession is same as liberty]


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