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Secession debate is relevant

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The debate on secession is completely relevant to
the indian context. It will raise its head again when
the number of MPs per state is discussed.
We need to sort out whether secession is correct or
wrong, not suspend the debate.
Pretending that allowing secession is a sign of a
progressive society and not allowing it is because
'we are not ready for it' is wrong.
The fact is that secession can *never* be based on
logic unless you agree to single person countries.
Otherwise it clearly is a sign of being unable to
paint things in black and white and then forcing
others to accept one's shade of grey over their own.
Allowing secession is not a sign of progress. USA
allowed it because different states came together.
Let us accept the fact that history has a role to
play. We cannot change history. If someone can propose
a way to deal with secession COMPLETELY based on logic
and not on whimsical numbers like 5% and 2/3 (why
not 3.973% and 11/20?)
In the meantime, we need to thrash out the issue of
the number of MPs per state. While some states are
short of representatives, increasing them will
amount to penalise those states which were serious
on population control. So what do we do? Do these
states get a right to secede while increasing the
seats for other states? Or do we maintain status quo?


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