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Re: rules & secession

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Dear friend,
First I read your views on scession, I was amazed at your courage to be
honest. Your intellectual honesty and intention to solve the problems
country faces is ispiring. You have poured your heart over the words
make a lot of sense to me. You are an authentic Indian soul.  I am
moved by your words coming from your heart:
"The penalty>against doing this clear thinking is perennial violence in
parts of>India and the growing likelihood of army rule, as we the
>population fail to design our institutions to resolve our differences
>amicably. The choice is yours. You want to face ramdom bombs and
>kidnappings of your children (as our fellow citizens in Assam do; one
colleagues in the IAS was bombed in 1982, another was kidnapped
in 1992 (I think), another's son was kidnapped and I don't think>ever
back), or you wish to operate as civilized human beings.>Before
secessionists become terrorists, there is a point at which we
them to talk. Once they have begun the use of the gun we have>no choice
to pin them down. At that time, all of us suffer. My wife>is an Assamese
officer and she shudders at the thought of going back>to Assam; she
for our children; today there is no wise leader in>India who can talk to
misguided younger brothers any more. Only>guns. Only the Army. We are
civil society. Believe me.
>Assam has burnt for at least 17 years now with secessionist terrorist
>violence. All these losses of lives were futile. They could have been
>prevented by insisting on open debate. The foolish arguments of the
>would have put off everyone in Assam and these guys would have become
>the ordinary, good citizens that they deserved to be. They could NEVER
>muster suppport for secession. Many other states of the NE have burnt
>for 40, 45 years. Give democracy and debate a chance. The people at
>large are wiser that you think.
>I've said enough. If you don't want such a para in the manifesto,
>it. It clearly was not the most important thing and we can revert to
>this after 100 years. We Indians can surely pummel our own people with
>our Army for another 100 years and survive as one nation. After all,
>Nation is our God in the modern world. People are needed only as
>worshippers. They don't count, intrinsically. My children - and yours -

>are cattle-feed for this great Nation God of ours."
We strive to avoid the pitfalls of our elders and forefathers. We  move
.. with clear head, and courageous heart, that we care for our children,
care for our future and we commit to create a saner India, for which we
debate all issues with certain freedom to contribute to the future. We
better not fall into the trap of the Nazi insanity.

Sanjeev, keep up your freedom to to think - for the sake of our

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