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Re: seccession

Postings not related to the writing of the Manifesto or policy chapters
are likely to be summarily rejected. Thanks for your understanding. IPI
 A Nation is what the people make of it. When I was young people spoke
Baratha Matha with a picture of a goddess, a myth created to attract our

mind. Then the partition of Pakistan and the bloodshed that followed, we

thought the Barath matha was cut , her right arm was cut. When Kasmir
broke out her head was shot. When Dr Ambedkar spoke of a Dalit
it was obvious there is some cancerous disease afflicting  our society.
Dravidian movement in the South started with Separate Dravidastan or
Nadu as Periyar and Dr C.N. Annadura called., Soon this separe Dravida
ideaology was given up, in order to function as a Political party.
It is the politicians for getting vote create many problems for us. Now
I am
a  grown up person, as I travel around both in India and elsewhere, I
observe that  a Nation is  made for political purpose, that we have to Q
visas . An Indian is suspected of migrating to fatherlands of Uncle Sam
Arab Nations to earn a livelihood and elsewhere, when  the children of
Barath Matha are living in poverty, disease and other social evils.  A
country is not physical,  it is not geographical boundaries which are
determined by savage wars .  A country is made by ideas by political
philosophers by playing on our imagination. A country is created by
politicians professing patriotism and in the process they become rich as

they rule over our resources, oil, gold, taxpayer's money, etc. We
deprived, fooled by myths and patriotic rehtorics. We should harmonise
inner child emotions with our rational adult thoughts and evolve into a
better human being to make our country a better place in the world. Then
know the ground realities of our Nation, which we made or our
made for us to believe rather than to live a decent life of sanity.
Henry Thiagaraj

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