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Re: UCC/Minority Commission

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Dear Henry

As you know, I sympathise very much with your desire (and work in my own
for the upliftment of Dalits and other oppressed peoples.

However, I must correct you on one small point.  You say: "The culture
treating minorites with freedom and respect comes from the Universal
of Human Rights".

Actually, it does not.  It comes from a few hundred years of struggle to

establish these rights, led by followers of the Radical Reformation (the

Anabaptists and so on).  Even the Protestant Reformation (which reformed
much of
Europe) resulted in intolerance for the Radical Reformers who wanted to
the Bible in quite a radical fashion.  And it was the (non-violent)
struggle for
acceptance by these Radical Reformers which led to religious liberty in
first in
England, then in Northern Europe and America, and more recently in
increasing parts of  the rest of the world.

The "Universal Declaration of Human Rights" was actually penned by a
Christian.  Today, of course, many Muslims, Hindus, Jews, Confucianists
others profess to believe in this.  Yet, even today, genuine religious
and acceptance of human rights is found most widespread in those
countries which
benefited from the Radical Reformation.

Professor Prabhu Guptara
Director, Executive and Organisational Development
Wolfsberg Executive Development Centre
CH-8272 Ermatingen
tel: +41-71-663.5605
email: prabhu.guptara@ubs.com

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