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Re: economic history of India

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Dear Professor Guptara,

Thanks for your question.   Historically, I would certainly suggest R.
Dutt's two-volume Economic History of India (c. 1900).  The Cambridge
Economic History of India edited by Irfan Habib in the first volume and
Dharma Kumar and Meghnad Desai in the second is also a necessary

Prof. Deepak Lal had written widely publicized histories a few years ago

which I regret not having read properly.

Regarding history though, whether political or intellectual, I think the

main thing to look for is not any sort of ideological flavour but the
robustness of the main factual claims.

My basic complaint of the 1950-1980 period was that it was all so biased

against the liberal point of view -- e.g. Shenoy was blackballed,
left unpublished, Bauer ignored and derided, etc.

It was easy then as now to swim with a full tide, and hard then as now
swim against the tide.    The tide of course has changed and I am wholly

surprised, though perhaps I should not be, by how quickly those who swam

with a full tide in the past are again swimming with a full tide now.

Subroto Roy.

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