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Postings not related to the writing of the Manifesto or policy chapters
are likely to be summarily rejected. Thanks for your understanding. IPI

"The responsibility of the state to engage the opinion of the
disillusioned sections of its populace before they go down the road of
terrorism is undeniable"

- how would you do it, Bhuwan. Imagine yourself to be in the place of a
PM of India and tell me your solution to bring potential discontents and
secessionists to the discussion table. Let me forget the
"rational debate on secession" at the moment: clearly emotion
blinds us too much here. 

But think for a moment and let us focus on your specific solution for
resolving grievances of vocal sections of the people and for talking
them out of any misconceived plans to use guns to foster rebellion
against India. Is there a Hyde Park (figuratively) for such people? Does
the Doordarshan allow debate and discussion between discontents and the
contented? Could complete privatization of the media help? Would
COMPLETE freedom of speech be permitted? And I mean COMPLETE!! Are we at
least ready for that or that too, causes our nationalist fears to wake

I can tell you, India desperately needs a solution to this problem of
debate on dissent. Else a chunk of our energy and resources is being
squandered today. Forget the ULFA. 80% of our energies have been spent
in issues related to state boundaries and new states. Gorkhaland,
Bodoland, Jharkhand, Uttarkhand, even the various states in NE region,
and the creation of TN, Andhra, Haryana, etc., etc., etc. CAN WE NOT
the least? Tell me your solutions, please. Don't waste your time in
preventing me from raising questions. I will raise whatever question I
please. If you and I as citizens cannot even raise questions then we are
not a democracy at all but a mobocracy. My challenge to you is to give
me (and us) solutions.

We say on the manifesto we want national reconciliation. Now: tell me
how. I refuse to believe that sending in our Army at the drop of a hat
is any sensible solution. We have not only killed sessionists. We have
killed hundreds and thousands of those who simply wanted another state
within India. We do not give them an option to call for a referendum or
a democractic choice to split states. We ONLY offer them the choice of
use of guns. Consequently we get thousands of terrorists all over India,
most of them wanting a separate state (or even district!) within India.
What Sir? Are you afraid of the details of democracy? You rely too much
on the Army. Is status-quo more precious, or democratic institutions?

I asked a question earlier which some of you got completely confused by:
Is the nation the supreme god or the people? Now I ask, is the status-
quo of existing States the supreme god or the people (democracy)?
Democracy is very tough. Requires a LOT of thinking and give and take.

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