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RE: secession

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Dear Sanjeev,

Just a few points to ponder:

1)Since nation states exist and as far as I know all humans in existence

today belong to some nation state or the other does it mean that
rights do not exist anywhere in the world?

Just because no state in the US or in UK or France etc. etc. has ever
seceded is the democratic tradition dead in these countries? And since
British & French constitution does not carry the clause for scission are

these countries not democratic and their govt. not FOR,OF & BY the

2) Democratic system not only means that the majority must listen to the

minority it at the same time means that the minority must whole
concede to the majorities view. Frankly the minority is often as rigid
its non acceptance of the majorities point of view as the majority is in

listening to the minorities point of view.

3) The all Assams Students union did come to power they did not achieve
anything spectacular either.



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