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Postings not related to the writing of the Manifesto or policy chapters
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bhuwan said:

"Who is to enforce the rule you proposed that if any armed struggle is
involved all bets are off. Show me one place in the world where any
secessionist movement has agreed to this. This rule is unenforceable."

One place: Canada, which voted against seccession in 1995. Peacefully,
with much debate. E.g., read



http://www.total.net/~hex/Art0220.htm and many other places.

In our rules it can be stated that armed rebellion will set back the
next referendum process by 25 years or something like that.

We CAN design rules which are reasonable and enforceable. The penalty
against doing this clear thinking is perennial violence in many parts of
India and the growing likelihood of army rule, as we the civilian
population fail to design our institutions to resolve our differences
amicably. The choice is yours. You want to face ramdom bombs and
kidnappings of your children (as our fellow citizens in Assam do; one of
my colleagues in the IAS was bombed in 1982, another was kidnapped for
months in 1992 (I think), another's son was kidnapped and I don't think
ever came back), or you wish to operate as civilized human beings.
Before secessionists become terrorists, there is a point at which we can
encourage them to talk. Once they have begun the use of the gun we have
no choice but to pin them down. At that time, all of us suffer. My wife
is an Assamese IAS officer and she shudders at the thought of going back
to Assam; she fears for our children; today there is no wise leader in
India who can talk to our misguided younger brothers any more. Only
guns. Only the Army. We are NOT a civil society. Believe me. 

Assam has burnt for at least 17 years now with secessionist terrorist
violence. All these losses of lives were futile. They could have been
prevented by insisting on open debate. The foolish arguments of the ULFA
would have put off everyone in Assam and these guys would have become
the ordinary, good citizens that they deserved to be. They could NEVER
muster suppport for secession. Many other states of the NE have burnt
for 40, 45 years. Give democracy and debate a chance. The people at
large are wiser that you think.

I've said enough. If you don't want such a para in the manifesto, forget
it. It clearly was not the most important thing and we can revert to
this after 100 years. We Indians can surely pummel our own people with
our Army for another 100 years and survive as one nation. After all, the
Nation is our God in the modern world. People are needed only as
worshippers. They don't count, intrinsically. My children - and yours -
are cattle-feed for this great Nation God of ours.

I move to drop the paragraph that I proposed since we are not ready to
discuss such fundamental issues yet, in India.

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