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Re: secession

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Responding to Partha's Mail

>Canada has adopted a formal process thru which provinces
>can secede.

The Canadian example is quite interesting. But however this case should
be examined in the context of history which is not more than a 50 years
old. British and French Colonialism and their adversarial relationship
is just 50 years old and fresh in public memory. While in the Indian
case the sub-continent has been culturally united historically for
centuries. In India to secede based on language, religion or way of life

brings is not the same as the former French and British colonies
seceding in Canada. We have a far more intertwined history.

I agree that politcally the Indian Sub-Continent was never a monolith
historically. But those boundaries had nothing to do with language,
religion or caste. They were boundaries drawn by Dynasties and
Individual Egos. To make them a basis for present day secession is

>Mr. Shekhar suggests that no country has peacefully divided
>itself. Well, the example of Czechoslovakia comes immediately to >mind.

As is evident from the name Czechoslovakia was never a Single Nation but

a artificially glued product of 20th Century Communism of 2 different
countries. The moment the communist bastion crumbled they asserted their

distinct identities. They are not new countries but old countries which
re-asserted their identities much the same as the erstwhile USSR. Latvia

had no claim on Ukraine or Kazakhistan. While India and Pakistan have
because no 2 nations existed before that on a religious demarcation. It
was everybodys land and everybodys rivers.


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