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Re: secession

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Shashi Shekhar wrote:

> Perhaps it may worthwhile to consider Economic Autonomy as an option
> political secession and ponder how that may be provided for on the
lines of
> the European Union.

Among those who have responded, there seems to be fairly broad agreement
institutionalizing a provision for secession is impractical.

I do however think that it is worthwhile considering the basis of
incorporation of states, districts, and towns, and secession from these
entities as a basis for their subdivision into smaller, more autonomous,


I can think of many situations where residents of a state or town may
find it
desirable to split their incorporated unit into smaller units. For
the division of the large [populous] states of UP and Bihar has been
for as far back as I can remember, on the grounds that they are too
large and
unwieldy thus the state government of such a large, far-flung entitiy
possibly be responsive to the needs of its residents in a timely manner-
viewpoint I concur with.


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