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My Position On Secession

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In the rather prolix response to Sanjeevs mail I think my position on 
the issue got fudged.

Breifly my position is

- A Geographic Secession has strategic, cultural and economic 
implications which cannot be wished away. If a piece of land is 
important for my survival for any of the above reasons I will cling on 
to it irrationally no matter what. Historically this has been the case 
and will be the case till geography become irrelevant. Already the 
INTERNET has started making geography both trivial and irrelevant in a 
lot of aspects of our lives and we may end up sparring seceding networks 
and setting up parallel internets :)

- A Demographic secession like the brain-drain is already happening, and 
there is nothing preventing people who are disatisfied with India from 
doing so.

- In a world order dominated by military power the concept of a 
political nation made a lot of sense. With Technological advancement our 
concept of a soceity, social needs and interactions is fast changing and 
political nations may very well become a defunct social edifice. Time 
alone will tell.

- A Bi-Partisan Political Culture is a must before a due procedure can 
be adopted to democratically debate and permit a secession. Rhetoric 
dominates political debate and opposing view-points are just trashed and 
treated like dirt. No meaningful political debate is possible in this 
climate and only passions will inflamed and violence would follow. We 
have to reach a level of maturity in our democratic process before we 
can accomodate democratic secessions.


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