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Re: Secession 2

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Sanjeev Wrote:

>If you and I simply ask the Indian Army (which is for external >defence
>and not for attacking our own brothers and sisters) to go in whenever
>the slightest demand (even peaceful) for secession arises, then  I
>believe we are supporting murder of our fellow human beings and not
>setting the standards for democracy that we need to be setting as the
>world's largest democracy.

Well there are 2 aspects to this. There is no justification for 
terrorism either in the name of secession thats an equally bad case of 
violation of human rights and a HATE CRIME. A Pandit or a kuki gets 
butchered not because of an individual grudge or grouse but just because 
he happens to be the nearest insecure unarmed pandit or kuki around by 
sheer accident. Yes sending armed forces is a political decision but I 
would like to be corrected when I state that - NOT ONCE HAS THE ARMY 

>Anyway, what are we afraid of in the proposal that I have suggested?
>That we can't trust our citizens to decide wisely for their own 

What are we afraid of ? Good question. There are 3 sides to this.

If we are the majority and our way of life is guranteed by sheer 
strength of majority why would we be afraid of debate of secession. We 
wouldnt be afraid of debate but as a majority would vote to avoid debate 
and thats still valid because democratically the majority just decided 
to be that way. The majority would avoid debate because it shifts focus, 
its not a priority and is distraction as far as the mainstream is 


If we are the minority we are afraid to debate this because of a sense 
of insecurity. In that case we know that the majority by sheer numbers 
would overrule us, which happens very often. So what we cant get by 
numbers we will get by force and violence.


If we are equally divided we would both not be afraid but instead would 
adopt a confrontationist position as in the case of India-Pakistan and 
secede violently.

>What then gives us the right to decide for them? They are the same 
>flesh and blood as ours.

The democratic majority has given you the right to enforce the will of 
the majority. If there was a majority mandate for avoiding debates on 
secession then you have a democratically ordained right to do so. Whats 
wrong with that ?

>By the way, a proposal like this would be the most fatal blow to
>terrorist organizations that we as a nation can deliver. If
>organizations like ULFA do not debate but use the gun, we as a nation
>would have a very clean conscience in crushing such terrorists with > > 
all our power. 

Yes I wish so too. But the same would be true of Capital Punishment, 
Life Imprisonment, Powers to Arm Internal Security Personnel. I feel 
guilty about every death sentence and life imprisonment. What empowers 
to do that and where is our conscience. You might say those were 
criminal acts and hence deserved such a punishment. But a terrorist act 
of hate crime is equally criminal because it is just sheer hatred and 
nothing else that drove him to kill people.

>Fish out the violent scum; expose their shoddy thinking
>through open debate.
>I have seen unimaginable damage caused by the arrogance of majorities
>who are willing to use the gun at the slightest pretext against our 
>own brothers without hearing them out.  

I fully agree with this. We  have forgotten the habit of listening. The 
majority is quite arrogant. The United States at its conception had 
handled this majority v/s minority issue admirably. The composition of 
the US Congress - House & Senate has balanced these needs very well.

As I had earlier pointed out in a posting What we lack is "Checks & 
Balances" in the system which ensure
   - Accountability
   - Respect for a Minority View-Point
   - Bi-Partisanship

Half the militancy in India is due to the political minority being 
ignored and bulldozed to accept the majority view-point. Lets bring in 
Checks & Balances into our democracy all of this would vanish and nobody 
would ever ask to secede.

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