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Dalit upliftment

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Although I unsubscribed myself due to my other preoccupations i thought
proper that I should share my experiences on a visit to Chennai (Madras)

with the members of the IPI . One of our members Henry Thiagaraj is
yoeman's work there. The organisation he is heading, Dalit Liberation
Education Trust, also known as Human Rights Education Movement of India
(HREMI), is working in a group of villages (about 60 miles from the
populated mostly by dalits. He is encouraging women in these villages to

form into societies with a view to (1) fostering the savings habit, (2)
getting faclities like school and primary health care facilities, and,
all, (3) asserting themselves to dissuade their menfolk form drinking to

which they are addicted. HREMI has given them I.D. cards so that they
have a
sense of belonging and acquire some pride in what they are doing. One
go and see for oneself the miraculous results. The women seem to be so
confident of themselves. If those who are responsible for governance do
respond they will blame themselves later, for, nothing will stop these
now from achieving what they want.
I must hasten to add two words on Henry and his people. Their
is by no means encouraging any undemocratic method. Contrarily,
values are the bedrock of their education process. Secondly, the whole
approach is based on the inclusive concept of human rights for all
rather on
any exclusive claim for short term benefits to dalits.
Bravo, Henry, keep it up.

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