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Re: Fw: Mr. Sabhlok has no business promoting secession

Postings not related to the writing of the Manifesto or policy chapters
are likely to be summarily rejected. Thanks for your understanding. IPI
I congragulate Sanjeev for having the courage to put secession open to
debate. I can understand the convulsion caused by even the mention of
the word secession on the board. But as someone has rightly pointed out
that the idea of a Nation itself is based on irrational emotions.
Initiating a debate on this issue is not treasonous in my view. Such
issues should only be resolved through debate and not through civil
wars, bloodshed and all round suffering as was witnessed in India at the

time of partition and more recently in Yugoslavia.

There is always a danger of the tyrrany of the majority in any democracy

based on one person, one vote. Secession is offered as a safegaurd
against this tyranny, but in my view secession based on a two third vote

in a particular state is itself a manifestation of the tyranny of that
two third majority. Opression of the Serb minority in Bosnia is no more
desirable than the oppression of the Bosnian muslims in a United

I believe that the antidote to the tyrrany of the majority is a Nation
based on strong institutions, rule of law, respect for the rights of the

individual rather than the respect for the right of this or that mob,
and a citizenry which is enlightened and a polity which has the courage
to discuss issues rationally and fearlessly. Secessionism and terrorism
thrives where there is real or percieved injustice, lawlessness and


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