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Re: 99.99% of Indians have no interest in secession

Postings not related to the writing of the Manifesto or policy chapters
are likely to be summarily rejected. Thanks for your understanding. IPI
Since the discussion on secession seems to have been transferred to the
debate list, I am sending a copy to that list as well.

Could someone please tell us how one can estimate that 99.99% of Indian
for or against any particular issue - secession or E-townhall or
For instance one could venture to say that 99.99% of Indian have not
the Indian Constitution. Would it prove or disprove anything?? (Apart
the possible state of the education system.)

I would think that it is precisely to protect the smallest minority in
society - the individual - against possible opression in the name of
majority, even if that majority constitutes 99.99%, that we have
such as individual or fundamental rights.

If an issue cannot be discussed just because some people think that
of the people have no interest in the issue, then it may not be very
incorrect to say that 99.999999% of Indians have not heard, or
or can not or will not participate in IPI debates. Should we therefore
conclude that IPI has no marginal utlity value?? On the other hand, if a

problem can be wished away by not discussing it, then perhaps IPI should
shut down, and we all can retire with the knowledge that our country has

been transformed in to land of milk and honey, that peace and prosperity

reigns, just because we have wished it so. How happy is that ostrich
hides its head in the sand!!


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